• The world’s toughest and longest ski race.

    Nordenskiöldsloppet is a 220km ultra race and a completely new type of challenge for modern skiers. On the 15th of April 2017 participants will leave Purkijaur in a race dating back to the 19th century. With a track above the arctic circle, the contestants will be put up to a real tough challenge.

  • The world’s toughest and longest ski race.
  • A 200km’s long challenge.

    After having been in hibernation for 132 years the competition is arranged on a track as close to the original from 1884 as possible. It stretches across Luleälvens small gathering of lakes, a 220km’s long scenic route. The race is held in a classical style and along the course there is plenty of stations with drinks and food.

  • A 200km’s long challenge.
  • Historical race back after 132 years.

    In 1884 polar explorer Erik Adolf Nordenskiöld held a competition to prove that it was possible to ski long distances in a short time. It became one of the world’s first, toughest and longest races. Pavva-Lasse Nilsson Tuorda won, having skied 220km’s in 21 hours and 22 min’s. On the 15th of April 2017 you have the chance to ski in his tracks.

  • Historical race back after 132 years.


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    Red Bull Nordenskiöldsloppet returns in 2017

    Red Bull Nordenskiöldsloppet saw plenty of interest when the historical cross country race  returned after 132 years of sleep. Now the dates have been set for the 2017 race. The competition is going to be held over easter on the 15th of April following the original extreme distance of  220 km’s. The race is held in a classic style in tracked terrain . […] Read article

    By 2016-05-24 18:59
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    Video: Highlights from the race

    Red Bull Nordenskiöldsloppet is once again in the history books and the memories of the race and the 350 brave participants will stay with us for a long time. In the video above we summarize 23 hours and 200 km’s history. Enjoy, and don’t miss to read our summery of the race here and about our winners here. Read article

    By 2016-04-13 12:42
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    Nordenskiöldsloppet back in the history books

    Two hundred kilometers, 23 hours and 21 seconds after start Red Bull Nordenskiöldsloppet once again became part of the history books as the last skier crossed the finish line at 5am on Monday morning. 330 participants made it to start – a nice mix of world cup elite, competitive skiers in hunt of new challenges and amateurs hungry for […] Read article

    By 2016-04-12 12:34

Are you ready to tackle the world’s longest race?

The chance to experience ski history is back.
Registrations for the 2017 race is now open.

Spots are limited, so make sure to sign up now!


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    Take on a challenge that is both tough and scenic. The 220km’s long race stretches across beautiful winter landscapes along Luleälven.

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    A race with historical background. Nordenskiöldsloppet follows the original track from 1884 as close as possible, you’ll almost ski in Pavva-Lasse Nilsson Tuord’s tracks.

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    500 tough skiers will be standing on the starting line and heading off together. Can anyone of them be faster than the record of 21 hours and 22 minutes?


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  • Photo av fiaochadam
    @fiaochadam Idag har vi kört 2 x 26 km stakning på höstens SM-bana här på Gotland. Kul!
  • Photo av berjonaa
    @berjonaa Livet är som nordensköildloppet, man ska inte tänka och analysera så mycket,då blir man kvar i nån snödriva.fortsätta mata framåt så blir det bra.
  • Photo av catarinaande
    @catarinaande Finally an official picture from RedBull Nordenskiöld. At the highest point of the track. 200km #nordenskiöldsloppet #redbullracing
  • Photo av tommelid
    @tommelid Testar vinterns skiddress
  • Photo av catarinaande
    @catarinaande Hittade en bild på några tappra skidåkare #nordenskiöldsloppet #jokkmokk #redbullnordenskioldsloppet
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    @jokkmokk365 Tourism is in a positive trend in Destination Jokkmokk, all credit to our fantastic entrepreneurs and the support from the community #destinationjokkmokk #swedishlapland #jokkmokk #strukturum #företagarna #nordenskiöldsloppet
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    @joanstarck #redbullnordenskioldsloppet CHECK✅ #200km#20mil#långt#jävligtlångt#stakasatan#pannben#jokkmokk#jokkmokksJoan#elofssonfixadelaggen#aldrigmer(tror jag)#arboga10,2slutpåbolagetijokkmokk#nordenskiöldsloppet
  • Photo av ivanforsgren
    @ivanforsgren Summerar en väldigt fin skidsäsong. Totalt 2145km har jag åkt och 87% av distansen utan fästvalla. Bilden är från avslutande #nordenskiöldsloppet Nu blir det fokus på orientering igen, bara en månad kvar till 10Mila. Antalet löpta kilometrar sedan oktober är betydligt mer lätträknade. ...
  • Photo av johanostrand
    @johanostrand Tänk vad brevbäraren kom med. #nordenskiöldsloppet
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    @henrikahnbrink #nordenskiöldsloppet