Race Updates

Update #50

Jhonne Adermark has arrived in Jokkmokk as the last finisher in Red Bull Nordenskiöldsloppet 2017. It took him 28 hours, 22 minutes and 41 seconds to finish the 220km race and he arrived with only 1 hour and 47 minutes ahead of the time limit.


Update #49

4 of the 5 last skiers have now finished. Sabine Herms from Uppsala, here in the picture below finished at 07:38, after 25 hours and 38 minutes on skis. We asked here what’s needed to finish a race like this and she answered ”pannlampa, pannlampa, pannben” which basically means ”headlamp, headlamp and determination”.

The last skier, Jhonne Adermark is expected to finish in 1,5 hour.

_mg_2000_mg_1931 Update #48

As the sun made it’s way over the treetops at 06:03, Kristina Berggren passed the finish line after 24 hours and 3 minutes on skis.


Update #47

Through our web camera in Purkijaur we could se Tobias Tann, Lennart Fonad and Alex Cowan-Sanluis passed the checkpoint 05:27.


Update #46

At 05:02 Mattias Persson and Björn Pettersson passed the finish line, as the sun is rising in the horizon, after 23 hours and 02 minutes.


Update #45

At 04:34 Angus Villar from London finished his 220km long journey and right away started to check busses heading to the airport. His flight is leaving today at noon which means that his buss is leaving at 06.50 from Jokkmokk.


Update #44

At 03:24 there are still 41 participant out in the swedish wilderness fighting against the darkness and cold.

Update #43

There are still warriors out in the darkness. Photographer Adam Klingeteg has captured some of them.

ak_170415_nordenskiold-4024 ak_170415_nordenskiold-4046 ak_170415_nordenskiold-3898 ak_170415_nordenskiold-3912 ak_170415_nordenskiold-4022

You can still spot skiers passing Purkijaur here:

Red Bull Nordenskiöldsloppet – Checkpoint – Purkijaur (198 km)

And here you can see skiers passing the finish line:

Red Bull Nordenskiöldsloppet – Finish – Jokkmokk (220 km)

Update #42

At 02:07 Thomas Sjögren Gustafsson passed the finish line as the 157th skier. Right now there are still 51 skiers out in the track and the last two have now passed Randijaur (157km).  To this point 27 skiers have chosen to quit the race.


Update #41

Sven Löfvenberg is in Purkijaur at the moment and he is tired, very tired.

Update #40

Jonas Colting on the other hand has made it to the finish.

The fifth best girl, Malin Källman has just passed the finish line, after 17 hours and 10 minutes.


Update #39

The best swiss skier, Simon Dräyer passed the finish line in 15:15:17.

Update #38

The darkness is here and the head torches are on. For some this will be a long night. Stay tuned for a picture update from today and more reports from the dark.

unknown-1dsc_3735 dsc_3701

Update #37

21:01 the second female, Emma Bergström finished in 15:01:55!


Update #36

It is getting dark in Jokkmokk. Daniel Persson from Brink Ski Team just crossed the finishing line, completing the race in 14:50:29, right before the darkness. We asked him how he’s feeling.

”It feels awful…or…it feels…. i don’t know…i’m totally empty…”

Update #35

Nina Lintzén finishes as first female, completing the 220km long race in 13:01:01. Congratz!


Update #34

The first swede, Erik Melin Söderström from Östersund passed the finish line in 11:51:40. 


Update #33

The winner of Red Bull Nordenskiöldsloppet 2017 is Andreas Nygaard (NOR) from Team Santander! Finishing 220km in 11:45:07, 2 seconds ahead of Øyvind Moen Fjeld (NOR) who after 208km made an attack but could not keep away from the sprint machine Andreas Nygaard. This was the 2nd defeat for Fjeld in a sprint at Red Bull Nordenskiöldsloppet. Last year, John Kristian Dahl (NOR) beat him with only a few centimeters.

“It´s absurd to ski for that long, the craziest race I’ve ever done”, said winner Andreas Nygaard with a smile. “My strategy was to take it easy in the beginning and to just hang along while focusing on my energy intake to last all the way. I felt good even towards the end and had some forces left”, he continued.


Update #33

Øyvind Moen Fjeld (NOR) just passed the last control and has left Christoffer Lindvall (FIN), Andreas Nygaard (NOR) and Erik Melin Söderström (SWE) about 30sek behind. Will he keep that distance to finish?

Pro tip: Use the sound from the finish line stream and watch the leading pack to get a swedish commentator.

Update #32

We are LIVE, 10km to the finish! Watch the last 10km sprint to the finish in Red Bull Nordenskiöldsloppet 2017 here!

The leading quartet is still Christoffer Lindvall (FIN), Øyvind Moen Fjeld (NOR), Andreas Nygaard (NOR) and Erik Melin Söderström (SWE). Who will win the sprint??? 

Update #31

The leading quartet containing Christoffer Lindvall (FIN), Øyvind Moen Fjeld (NOR), Andreas Nygaard (NOR) and Erik Melin Söderström (SWE) has now once again passed Purkijaur (198km) in 10:47:04.


Watch the last 10km sprint to the finish in Red Bull Nordenskiöldsloppet 2017 here:

Red Bull Nordenskiöldsloppet – Leading group (Last 10km)

Red Bull Nordenskiöldsloppet – Finish – Jokkmokk (220 km)

Update #30

Currently placed as the fourth female in the race is Olivia Hansson 21, from Örebro. Previous merits include a 14th place in Vasaloppet and a silver medal from the Swedish Championship for juniors. Last year she was the forth female to cross the finishing line in Red Bull Nordenskiöldsloppet – so let’s se if history is about to repeat itself or if she can improve her position? 

Update #29

Nina Lintzén (SWE), the best female, has now passed 170km in 10:03:10.

Update #28

Christoffer Lindvall (FIN), Øyvind Moen Fjeld (NOR), Andreas Nygaard (NOR) and Erik Melin Söderström (SWE) are soon in back in Purkijaur. Watch them pass the last control before the finish here!

Update #27

The leading quartet containing Christoffer Lindvall (FIN), Øyvind Moen Fjeld (NOR), Andreas Nygaard (NOR) and Erik Melin Söderström (SWE) has now passed Pälnibäcken (184km) in 10:00:50. Our web camera in Purkijaur is live and ready waiting for them. Stay tuned here for more updates. The last 10km, a snowmobile with a cameraman will broadcast the sprint to the finish.

Update #26

Among the competitors is Mattias Lind (nr. 223) from Ljusdal – former champion in ”Nordic combined” – a discipline that combines ski-jumping and cross-country skiing (even thou considerably shorter than the race he is currently in). Many skiers recognises Mattias from Vasaloppet – where he has waxed hundreds of skis over the last 15 years at Vallaservice. Whether or not the pro-waxing technic gives him advantage or not during the 220 km long race – is yet to be seen. He currently passed Tjåmotis (131km) in 10:04:30.


Update #25

Tommie Lindblom (224 in the picture), founder of Stockholms Rullskidklubb, recently passed Granuden (143km) – which placed him as number 33 in the race. In a year he normally covers 5-600 km on roller skis, which seems like a lot – but its not even the distance of three full Red Bull Nordenskiöldslopp.


Update #24

170km is passed in 9:14:04. The same peeps are in the top 5. For full live results click here.

Update #23

We took a quick talk (in swedish) with Richard Sylwander who just passed Årrenjarka (99km).

Update #22

One of the more experienced skiers, Lars-Erik Persson just passed Tjåmotis (131 km). The 72-year-old math professor from Luleå has completed 43 Vasalopp and 21 Öppet Spår. In order to try out the Red Bull Nordenskiöldslopp distance he did 220 km on roller skis – or 770 laps around his neighbourhood block last summer. That’s what Swedes call ”pannben”. Read the story about him here.


Update #21

Christoffer Lindvall (FIN) is now in the lead toghether with Øyvind Moen Fjeld (NOR), Andreas Nygaard (NOR) and Erik Melin Söderström (SWE). They passed Randijaur (157km) in 8:28:32. Brian McKeever (CAN) has lost 2 minutes against Klas Nilsson (SWE) and Kjetil Hagtvedt Dammen (NOR) who are 5 minutes after the top four.


Update #20

Nina Lintzén (SWE) has now passed Granudden (143km) in 8:28:30.

Update #19

The leaders have now passed Majves for the second time (151km) in 8:07:33. Øyvind Moen Fjeld (NOR) is still in the lead skiing together with Christoffer Lindvall (FIN), Andreas Nygaard (NOR) and Erik Melin Söderström (SWE).


Update #18

More pictures are dropping in from the photographers and the leaders have now passed Granudden (143km) in 7:51:07.  Øyvind Moen Fjeld (NOR) has lost his 38 second lead and is now skiing together with Christoffer Lindvall (FIN), Andreas Nygaard (NOR) and Erik Melin Söderström (SWE). Klas Nilsson (SWE), Kjetil Hagtvedt Dammen (NOR) and Brian McKeever (CAN) are 4 minutes behind. Nina Lintzén (SWE) is still best female almost 20 minutes ahead of Maria Rydqvist (SWE).

 dsc_2155 dsc_1987 dsc_1871

Update #17

The leading group just passed the checkpoint Tjåmotis (km 131) for the 2nd time. Øyvind Moen Fjeld is alone in a 38 seconds lead, followed by a four man group including Nygaard, McKeever, Söderström and Lindvall. 


Update #16

Our small confession booth in Årrenjarka is live and regularly visited by skiers. Check it out below!


Update #15

Mats Morell, born in 1936 and turning 81 years next week is again our oldest participant. So far into the race, he has covered 55 km. Hang in there Mats, heja heja!

This picture is from last year when he passed the finish line 05.05 in the morning, about 23 hours after start.


Update #14

119km covered in 6:25:18!

Update #13

The leading group has just passed the checkpoint at km 111. This means also that Fjeld, Dammen, Nygård, Nilsson, Lindvall & Co. now have covered half the distance with a split time of 05:59:30. It will be interesting to see how their pace develops on the way back. Will there be enough forces left to increase? 

Update #12

Some pictures from the air. Enjoy!

ak_vigiland_press_low-1264 ak_vigiland_press_low-1176 ak_vigiland_press_low-0853 ak_vigiland_press_low-0307 ak_vigiland_press_low-0166

Update #11

The first skiers have now passed ÅrreNjarka (99 km)! Kjetil Hagtvedt Dammen from Norway was the first person to pass ÅrreNjarka in 5:19:42. Bob Impola is currently the best swede in third place and Brian McKeever, the ten-time paralympic gold champion is in 5th place. You can fint the interview with Bob and Brian from yesterday below.

Update #10

The turning point ÅrreNjarka (99 km) is now LIVE! First skiers are expected to pass 11.10 – 11.20.


Update #9

Øyvind Moen Fjeld is in the lead, passing Njavve (87km) in 4:49:08.

Update #8

Sågudden has now been after 4:27:20. All live results can be found here.

Update #7

A group of 18 skiers, including all elite skiers, has now passed Tjåmotis (67km) in 3:48. The leading females are in the second group about 5 minutes behind the leaders.

Update #6

The leading pack has now passed Granudden (55km) in about 3 hours.03_richard_stro%cc%88m_170415_nordenskioldsloppet_2017-2

Update #5

The leading pack with Rikard Tynell in the lead has now passed Majves (47km) in 2:47:56. The pace has now increased to 3:05.

Update #4

The leading pack has now passed Randijaur (41km) in 2:27:40. Johan Furunäs, Esa Mursu and Nina Lintzén are the top three skiers at this point.

Update #3

The leading pack has now passed Ragalvisjiegge. Johan Furunäs from IFK Mariefred is still in the lead two minutes ahead of the elite.

Update #2 

The first skiers passed Pelnibäcken after 1:38:47 with Johan Furunäs in the lead.


Update #1

Aaaand we are off! Here are some pictures from the start this morning.


Watch the LIVE broadcast of start again here: